If you can't find the answer to your question below, simply send an email to info@lyonmetalart.com. I'd be happy to help!  

1) Can a piece be hung outdoors?

Absolutely! And they look great in an outdoor environment. Each piece is clear coated after it is finished. Therefore, if hung in your home or office they will continue to look just as they look now for years to come. If pieces are hung outdoors fully exposed to the elements they will eventually develop a patina. The bronze, copper, brass and stainless steel components will maintain their “bright” look. The nails and other components made of mild steel will eventually develop a darker patina.  The overall effect is very pleasing.

2) How should I handle the sculpture when moving or cleaning it?

My sculptures are made primarily from steel nails and other metal components that are brazed together with bronze. Bronze is a softer metal that steel and as such represents the “weakest link” in the strength of a piece. With this as background it is always a good idea to lift the sculpture from its center mass. Never lift it by holding onto the nails or other components near an edge.

3) What do I do if a sculpture gets broken?

In general, if you can break it I can fix it. If a piece is dropped, bent or otherwise broken please reach out to me (call or email). I am happy to make the needed repairs and return your sculpture to its original shape. Having said that I do ask that you cover any necessary cost of transportation or shipping.

5) How long have you been doing this?

I started making metal sculptures as a hobby and for gifts to friends after I retired in 2018. Prior to that I was a longtime accountant, husband, father and general handyman. But I did not own or know how to use a welder, oxy/acetylene torch or many of the other tools needed for my new hobby. In 2019 I spent a few hundred dollars (thanks, Honey!) and watched hours and hours of online videos in order to get started making things. I have no formal training with the equipment I use, but I am a quick study of things mechanical (my opinion) if someone is kind enough to share their talents.

4) How did you get the idea to make these?

Shortly after retiring I purchased a 60 year old metal sculpture made from antique style nails that (unknown to me...) was broken and missing pieces. Rather than toss my new treasure, I spent some time doing research, finding components and teaching myself to braze and weld. The result is a beautifully redeemed wall sculpture that is proudly on display in our home. After the repair was successfully completed I had the thought to try my hand at making my own (much) smaller sculptures. My Christmas gifts to family and friends in 2019 were the first fruits of those attempts.

6) Can a piece be safely shipped?

Yes. Maybe. It depends. - If a piece is for sale here on my website or in my Etsy store then I am willing to ship that piece domestically. Generally, my sculptures do a good job of surviving being shipped if they are smaller than approximately 20” x 20” x 4”. As the sculptures grow larger and heavier, they become exponentially more difficult and more expensive to ship. Special boxes must be constructed and different shippers may need to be used. Therefore, I always hesitate before agreeing to ship larger pieces. If you are interested in a custom piece, especially if it will be larger than the dimensions noted above, please reach out to me (call or email) and we can discuss the particulars.

7) Do you do custom work?

I love to do custom work. With some frequency someone will reach out to me and the following (hypothetical) discussion will take place.

Customer – I like piece “X”, but I have a larger space. Can you do one like it in L” x W” x H” dimensions?
LMA – Maybe, depending on the size and shipping considerations. Give me a day or two to work up a design and I’ll send you a quote, including the shipping.
Customer – Awesome, let’s go.

8) Have you always been an artist?

Absolutely not! I have never had any formal artistic training. Rather, I spent 40 years in corporate America as an accounting manager. After retiring in 2018 my wife and I briefly discussed what I was going to do with myself in retirement… Happily, just a few weeks later I stumbled upon a broken metal sculpture, decided to figure out how to fix it, and this artistic outlet opened up to me. Fortunately for me I know a few very talented local artists who have been willing to share their insights and advice in order to help me get started along the way.